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The Meeting Professional’s Guide to GDPR

Resources to help guide you to compliance with Europe’s tough new data privacy regulation

Meeting planners, meet the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation. It was passed last year by the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, and the European Commission to replace the EU Data Protection Directive instituted back in 1995, before the Internet and cloud technology completely transformed how meeting planners collect, store, and process attendee data.

Designed to better protect the personal data of EU citizens and residents, it covers everything from attendee names, photos, and email address to social networking posts, medical information, and computer IP addresses, and it applies to organizations headquartered anywhere in the world, holding meetings anywhere in the world, that are collecting any personal data on any EU citizen or resident attendees.

So, the chances are very good that it will apply to your organization—and your meetings.

MeetingsNet put together this guide to GDPR to help you ensure that your meetings, and your suppliers who process your meetings privacy data, stay in compliance and out of the hot seat.  

New EU Data Privacy Rules Are Coming

Why it matters to you and how you can tame the beast.


7 GDPR Requirements You Need to Know

You can’t prepare for the new EU data privacy regulation coming in just a few months if you don’t understand it.


The Meeting Professional’s GDPR To-Do List

Here are nine things planners need to do now to prepare for the May 25 GDPR implementation. 


Commentary: GDPR—Hope Is not a Strategy 


Don’t Make a $23 Million Mistake: What You Need to Know About GDPR

A free, on-demand MeetingsNet webinar 


Answers to Your Burning Questions Around the New EU Data Privacy Rules

A GDPR expert tackles questions on the new regulation asked during a recent webinar  

Why GDPR Is an Unprecedented Opportunity for Global SMMP Compliance

The new data protection rules provide an opportunity for global meeting professionals to get access to local country spend and preferred supplier agreements through a GDPR readiness audit.


Client–DMC Conversations in the GDPR Age


GDPR official website

The Event Planners Guide to GDPR Compliance

The GDPR Interactive Whiteboard

The Association of Event Organizers GDPR FAQS

The ICO 12-step guide to prepare for the GDPR

Etouches GDPR Ultimate Compliance Guide

Event Industry Council GDPR White Paper

Glisser Blog (click on “GDPR”) 



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