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3 Key Questions When Shopping for a Philanthropic Teambuilding Experience

There are many companies in the teambuilding business, but not all of them understand corporate social responsibility and how to integrate a meaningful, fun, and well-planned give-back component into an event. When it’s time to hire a teambuilding company to help your attendees give back at your next meeting, make sure you’re asking the right questions in the vetting process. Consider asking about the following:

Relationships with Beneficiary Organizations. An experienced philanthropic teambuilding company should have established relationships with community nonprofits. Ask who they have worked with in the past, and look to see if they only go with nationally known brands or if they dig deep in to the local community for organizations that might not get the buzz that national organizations do. A good company will also ask you if you have existing relationships with nonprofits that you’d like to leverage to enhance your partnership.

Philanthropic Event Experience. Look for companies with a staff that has a solid philanthropic background, including nonprofit or community service experience. Traditional community service takes place out in the community and can be very emotional for participants and or volunteers. An understanding of nonprofits and community service is vitally important when working to recreate an emotional give-back experience in the ballroom when participants are not at the location of the beneficiary. Companies whose staff has a background in community service work will have deeper knowledge in this area.  

How to Select the Right Cause to Support. A knowledgeable teambuilding company with CSR experience will ask what causes your company supports or will provide ideas that mesh with your industry. They will have beneficiary recommendations based on their discussions with you about those causes, and will be able to explain why programs they offer will work.

Being prepared with the right questions to ask is key to making the best decision that will culminate in a fun and beneficial philanthropic teambuilding event for your group, and a grateful beneficiary organization in your community!

Alan Ranzer is managing partner and co-founder at Impact 4 Good.  

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