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Does Your Meeting Have an Inclusivity Statement?

Read how and why IMEX group put its philosophy into words.

Spelling out your company’s or event’s inclusivity approach goes a long way toward helping attendees feel welcome. Here’s one such statement from IMEX Group:

“Everyone has a place. Everyone has a voice. The IMEX family table is a warm, friendly place that is sometimes chaotic but always inclusive.”

Nalan Emre, chief operating officer of IMEX Group, says she is sharing the statement “in the spirit of  ‘open source’ and to help get the conversation or some practical action started. We know it’s not perfect and if anyone out there wants to offer suggestions for improvements or tweaks, our ears are always open.”

The important thing, Emre says, is to send a message that “we recognize we work in a global industry and that our clients, partners, and employees come from diverse backgrounds, each with a unique and valued perspective and cultural heritage.”

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