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Learning Unplugged

Here's how 4 college professors get phones out of the classroom. Could their ideas work for your meetings?

Every 12 minutes. 

That’s how often Americans typically check their cell phones, according to a study by tech insurance firm Asurion. That number probably comes as no surprise to meeting professionals, who often report that smartphone use is one of the top distractions to networking and learning at their events. So, how to keep attendees engaged and disconnected from their devices?

We peeked into the lesson plans of four popular college instructors who have found creative ways to keep their students focused on their lessons—and their classmates. Surprisingly, not a single one completely bans cell phones (although most strongly discourage it). Below, they reveal their top tactics and explain how those could apply in a corporate setting.

Top Tactic: Makes a case for old-fashioned pen and paper note-taking
Top Tactics: Teach-backs and game shows
Top Tactics: Improv and creative brainstorming
Top Tactic: “Nuggetize” content and call attention to critical material
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