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6 Ways to Support Team Attendance at Your Conferences

When organizations register multiple attendees at your events, what are you doing to nurture and reward them?

The last six attendance-analysis projects that our team has worked on have revealed that the top 30 companies represent 20 percent to 30 percent of the total conference attendance. Your mileage may vary, but for many, group or team conference participation is one of the most valuable assets and should be nurtured and protected.

Everything in business is evolving to be collaborative and team-based. Businesses buy in teams. They sell in teams. Professionals are part of service-delivery teams, and most importantly, change management is most successful when it is driven through collaborative efforts and forward thinking.

If you’re not doing it already, study the team dynamics of your participants and begin developing plans to help teams navigate and get the most out of their combined attendance. Here’s a few ideas that have resonated with some of our clients:

1. Provide concierge-like services/contacts for those who register five or more participants.
2. Develop a team-participation landing page with tips and resources for team leaders.
3. Make it easy for them to register and book housing.
4. Offer meet-up spaces.
5. Develop case studies and share stories of teams that have implemented change after attending.
6. Provide a room upgrade to a suite for any organization bringing 10 participants or more.

At a time when many organizations are focused on engaging smaller and new members, don’t forget what makes the cash register ring and can be the fastest route to growth…teams!

Reprinted with permission from Velvet Chainsaw’s Sticky Conference Newsletter.

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