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deep play

4D Experiences: Deep Play

Some of the most successful professionals I know have “work hard, play hard” embedded in their DNA. An article from Brainpickings and this NPR podcast help add context for how deep play is fundamental to our professional growth and progress, as well as to our creative processes. If you ever wanted proof for “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” this is it.

Jeff Hurt, our senior vice president of education & engagement at Velvet Chainsaw, developed a framework called the 4D Conference Experience design. The four Ds stand for Deep Learning, Deep Play, Deep Reflection, and Deep Connections. The 4D framework is a useful tool for helping conference organizers shift from passive consumption and transactions to more authentic and immersive experiences. 

Gamification is an emerging trend in conference and event planning circles. Many event app providers have added gamification to their feature set…usually including a leaderboard based on engagement activity. While in-app gamification is well intended and targets the millennial mindset, it won’t have a lasting impact that can couple play with ideation and improved problem solving.

Conference experiences designed with social play exercises can help create highs in the participant’s emotional journey and lead to increased learning and co-creation.

Keep playing!

Reprinted with permission from Velvet Chainsaw's Sticky Conference newsletter.

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