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52 Sustainability Questions Every Planner Should Ask Themselves

A thought-provoking checklist to help meeting and event organizers reach their environmental goals

Any step toward more sustainable meetings and events is a step in the right direction, and new resources created by talent buyer and booking agent Stefan Lohmann, based in Hamburg, Germany, provide some good ideas and food for thought.

Lohmann’s sustainability checklist for the events industry, reproduced with permission below, delves into 13 topic areas, from printing to plastic to water to transportation. His checklist won’t tell you how to, say, reduce wastewater, but reminds you that this is an area where meeting professionals can make a difference.

Lohmann’s vision for sustainable events encompasses environmental protection, social justice, and economic efficiency, and he argues for including a sustainability rider as part of your contracts to educate suppliers and ensure that they will work with you to reach your goals.


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