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Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet the Sues

SongDivision's Nathan Horne and Sam McNeill wrote an "Instahit" on the show floor at the 2017 Pharma Forum for MeetingsNet's two Sues (Hatch and Pelletier).

If you've been to a meetings industry convention in the past several years, chances are you have noticed SongDivision's UK and Europe General Manager Sam McNeill and Global Business Development dude Nathan Horne rocking and a-rolling on the show floor (and on the Strip in Vegas doing a little car karaoke, which was hilarious). They even wrote an anthem for the Global Meetings Industry Day—coming up this year on April 6. I am, I confess, a bit of a fan of what these guys do, which is create original music tailored to your meeting, organization, or whatever else you want to celebrate in song.

One of their latest rollouts is what they're calling Instahits. When my colleague, also named Sue, and I ran into them on the show floor at the 2017 Pharma Forum at the Gaylord National Harbor earlier this month, they were so taken with the idea of having two Sues on our MeetingsNet team that they gave us a demo. And, sure enough, in just minutes they came up with this little ditty. Best shameless plug ever! 

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