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9 Mistakes You’re Making with On-Site App Support

On-site event app support can take care of all your attendees’ questions and even show them some nifty tips and tricks. But the setup of the on-site support desk has a major impact on the app team’s ability to help.

To get the most out of your onsite support, avoid these nine common mistakes:

1. Wrong Location
In the wrong location, the majority of questions at the app-support desk will be unrelated to the meeting app. Position app support past your general info booth. If the event app support desk is not close to a general-info booth, have a trained staff member at the app-support desk during peak hours to answer general questions.

2. No Cross Training
Before the event, train staff and general info floaters how to use the meeting app. If they can assist attendees with basic app questions that will help maximize your event-app investment. Also, provide the app-support desk with info on where to send attendees for general questions (e.g. where would they go to ask about their CE credits).

3. Awkward Assistance
App support staff must be able to look over a user’s shoulder. Don’t lock app-support behind a desk where they can’t easily move around and stand next to the attendee.  Also, match the number of tables (each with electricity setup) to the number of staff and plan for one extra chair per table for attendees. Avoid having too many chairs, which will invite people to sit and rest, crowding out attendees with app-related questions.

4. Hidden Signage
Display location banners high so that attendees can find the app-support desk and other info booths in a crowded venue.

5. Bad Wi-Fi
The top questions for an app-support desk (after “Where is the bathroom?”) are typically related to installing the meeting app. While many apps can work offline once downloaded, there needs to be high-speed Wi-Fi at the support desk for the attendees who need help downloading the app. They must be able to log in without any risk of timing out due to slow connection speeds.

6. Inadequate Storage
Using an open layout may leave no space for personal belongings for your onsite app support staff. Set up a secure storage area for them.

7. Insufficient Power
While support staff must have access to power at each table for their own devices, they also need to be able to quickly plug in an attendee’s device if its battery is critically low.

8. No iPads
iPad stations with the meeting app preinstalled can be very helpful. They allow attendees to preview the app and ask questions before installing it on their devices, and staff can easily demo features to a group via the larger screens.

9. Confusing Instructions
Include step-by-step instructions for installing the app in addition to QR codes, as some attendees won’t be familiar with using them. Include specific search keywords to find your app in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Silke Fleischer is the cofounder of ATIV Software, maker of EventPilot mobile conference guides.


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