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5 Ways Tech Should Be Supporting Your Engagement Goals

Next-level strategies to make your meetings more memorable and effective.

You already know the ins and outs of planning an event, but how can you enhance your attendees’ experience and ensure that you’re engaging them before, during, and after the fact?

One answer is to more deeply leverage today’s meeting technologies. While event management software tools offer a smoother and more efficient meeting planning process, they can also improve engagement, build your brand, and provide attendee insights.

To make your event come out strong, try your hand at the following tech strategies:

1. First Impressions
Your event system is a key early touchpoint that shows attendees what’s in store for them. Without a straightforward and well-built registration system, you run the risk of distancing yourself from your attendees before the event starts. Your registration system should include three key features for you to use:
An efficient way to build a form. The form should collect a large variety of registration data without being overly complicated.
The ability to be customized. Make sure you can create the kinds of fields that fit your needs (text boxes, radio buttons, etc.).
Data management capabilities. The system should make it easy to send out updates or reminders, and track payments and refunds.

2. Meet Attendees Where They Are
Your event attendees are already glued to their mobile devices, so use it to your advantage through:
Mobile-optimized forms. Your online registration form should be optimized for mobile devices. Attendees want to register on their phones and still experience the same ease they would on a desktop computer.
Mobile app tools. A mobile app allows attendees to more easily navigate your event, manage their agenda, complete surveys, find other attendees, and more.

3. Leverage Last Year’s Data
Analyzing data from past events allows you to pinpoint the most and least successful activities, and gives you a head start on planning a more effective event in the future. Think about how you’re currently organizing your data with your event management/registration tool and customer relationship management software. In order to streamline this process, integrate your CRM system with your event management system. This will help improve your understanding of what’s working and what’s not.

4. Boost Your Brand
Make sure your organization is front and center throughout the event lifecycle. To make a consistent, cohesive impression, don’t miss these opportunities:
Branded registration form. Make sure your brand is clear from the start.
Branded conference app. Choose your color scheme and imagery, and display your logo.
Branded marketing messages. Use an event management system that allows you to set up an email template and upload contacts, but also to customize how it appears.
Branded merchandise. Promote your brand by giving away some custom swag during your event.

5. Keep in Touch Post-Event
The engagement process doesn’t end with the event's conclusion. Continue reaching out to attendees to demonstrate that you care about their experience and about forming a relationship with them. This is where automation can come into play:
• If your registration data and CRM system (or other database) are integrated, send out automated follow-up emails to your attendees. This will keep them focused on your organization and help you obtain feedback on your event as well.
• Add attendees to an email list. What other useful information can you send them about your organization? Keep them involved and interested.

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