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5 Ways to Survive Your Pre-Event Crazy Time

Tips for staying productive and relaxed when your planning schedule is all-consuming.

Meeting planners go through periods, especially just before their events, when they’re flat-out buried. As much as they might hope to close the laptop and get on with whatever is on the other side of their work-life teeter-totter, there are times when they simply must be fully committed. The curtain will go up on the conference, ready or not, and the endless details aren’t going to manage themselves. 

These busy phases come with the job, but there are things planners can do to make it through with their sanity intact. Alice Boyes, author of The Healthy Mind Toolkit, describes five useful tactics in this Harvard Business Review article, including a pacing behavior called Premack’s principle that can keep you productive plus decompression rituals that can help you feel more relaxed. If you’ve got the time—and even if you don’t—check it out.

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