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10 Ways You Can Develop a Unique and Powerful Personal Brand

The “10 Ks of Personal Branding,” brought to you by author and speaker Kaplan Mobray via a hard-driving, high-energy session at Pharma Forum 2017

You always know when speaker and author Kaplan Mobray is in the house. His high-energy act figuratively set that house on fire during the closing keynote at this year’s Pharma Forum, held March 12–15 in National Harbor, Md. Here are the “10 Ks of Personal Branding,” derived from his book of the same name, that he drove home while interviewing the audience, tossing candy into the crowd, and playing the saxophone. He also showed, in his own larger-than-life style, how a unique personal brand—in his case, as a high-energy motivational speaker—looks and feels.

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