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A view of the polling results screen in the Aventri virtual event platform

The Right Tool for the Job: 6 Virtual-Platform Updates

Online meetings-technology news from Aventri, WorldStage, Conference Compass, and more.

September 9: Event management software company Aventri officially launched its Aventri Virtual Event Platform, which is integrated in the Aventri Event Management Solution, allowing planners to manage their virtual, hybrid, and in-person events on a single platform. In beta since early June, the solution supports single-session, multi-track, and multi-day programs for events as large as 5,000 attendees. Among other features, the system delivers metrics on attendance levels, engagement scores, and overall event success.

August 27: Event audiovisual and production company WorldStage has rolled out an online event-hosting solution called Digital Oasis. The end-to-end solution includes broadcast-quality content delivery, speaker support, attendee registration and engagement, sponsorship opportunities, and data metrics. The four components of Digital Oasis are a cloud-based production studio; a back-end control center; the “virtual venue” website for hosting the event with polling, live Q&A, and one-on-one video meetings; and remote-presenter kits that can include broadcast-quality cameras, confidence monitors, network backup, and custom LED lighting packages.

August 25: Banzai, a Seattle-based event marketing automation company, acquired High Attendance, a virtual and hybrid event management software. Banzai plans to integrate its platform, Banzai Reach, with the High Attendance platform to give customers, which include Adobe, Dell, and Pure Storage, a seamless experience for their audiences. High Attendance adds 10 employees to Banzai’s current 80-person team.

August 19:, which creates technologies for recording and transcribing voice conversations, launched Otter for Events. The technology captures event presentations and turns them into real-time transcripts.

Teambuilding in office.pngAugust 4: Degy Entertainment announced the launch of Degy World, an immersive virtual event platform (left) that can host events ranging from concerts to board meetings to expos. Attendees interact using personalized avatars and can interact through audio as well as via chat boxes.

August 4: Conference Compass, which develops event and association apps with a special focus on medical and scientific societies, launched the #OneCommunity Virtual Event Platform. The cloud-based system is integrated with its apps and supports livestreaming or pre-recorded speakers, slides with integrated polling, moderated Q&A, panel sessions, and recording for on-demand access. It also includes support for poster presentations, roundtable meetings, and one-to-one private meetings. 

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