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Cvent’s Virtual Meeting Tool to Debut to 23,000+

With venue sourcing and live meeting management on hold, Cvent follows planners to where the action is.

Cvent, the leading provider of event management software and other technology solutions for the meetings industry, has officially stepped into the crowded virtual meeting market.

The Cvent Engagement Hub launched August 6, touting an integration with the company’s event marketing and management tools. However, the real introduction to the marketplace will be on August 25 and 26, when the system is used for Cvent CONNECT Virtual, the online version of the company’s annual user conference. According to Cvent, more than 23,000 event professionals, marketers, and hospitality professionals have registered for the event and will experience the platform in action.

Among the Engagement Hub’s features are attendee tracking and analytics, virtual booths where attendees can self-schedule meetings with exhibitors or visit video breakout rooms, interactive tools like audience Q&A and upvoting, and a home screen with key event information, surveys, and schedules. The virtual meeting features work on any device, including an available mobile app.

“Since March, we’ve helped our customers manage over 60,000 virtual events, giving us valuable insight into what a successful virtual experience looks like,” said Cvent’s Patrick Smith, chief marketing officer. “Now, with Cvent Engagement Hub, event planners, marketers, and organizations of all sizes will be able to easily design and deliver memorable, measurable virtual event experiences as key parts of their overall event program.”

In other news, the company launched its Source Safely microsite in July as part of the Cvent Supplier Network. The global database of venue health and safety information includes data from destinations and CVBs, hotel management companies, independent venues, and hotel chains.


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