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Take It Outside! Fresh Air Venues for Safer Events

Checkout this selection of new venues for al fresco meetings.

According to preliminary Covid-19 research, outdoor meetings are safer than ones held in enclosed environments. Many hotels already offer terraces and patios, including a rooftop deck at the new Westin adjacent to the Anaheim Convention Center, and the 3,000-square-foot waterfront venue which will debut with the new JW Marriott Savannah Plant Riverside District, but here are some unique and interesting recently-opened or in-the-works meeting venues where your guests can breathe easy.

While the risk of distraction from some of the city and sea views on offer is real, we have not included Edge New York because the glass floored, glass-edged, 7,500 square-foot venue protruding from a skyscraper 1,100 feet in the air might leave some attendees not just distracted but refusing to leave the elevator.

Although outdoor spaces are a good option for reducing coronavirus transmission, don’t forget these tips for guests who suffer from pollen and plant allergies.

Your destination management partner is a great resource for finding venues en plein air. Hats off to the DMCs in the Hosts Global alliance, which provided a number of the ideas in our gallery.

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