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How to Punt the Plastics

13 actions the Australian Marine Sciences Association took to eliminate plastics at its annual meeting.

The Australian Marine Sciences Association planned a plastics-free conference in July for 570 delegates. Here are 13 actions the organizers took to ensure non-plastic alternatives for everyday conference items, or read the full article on The Conversation.

1. Used stiff cardboard name badges with no plastic pockets

2. Sourced bamboo lanyards with metal clips

3. Provided 100-percent natural tote bags to attendees

4. Did not print envelopes for registration packs, and did not provide printed conference abstracts

5. Used sustainably sourced paper for required printing, and worked with a company that used a solar-powered printer

6. Asked delegates to bring reusable water bottles and coffee cups, or pre-register to buy a reusable coffee cup at the conference

7. Used coffee stations with reusable cups (for those who didn’t bring their own)

8. Provided water jugs with glassware (or to refill personal water bottles) at the back of each presentation room

9. Skipped packaged mints and candies

10. Provided sustainably sourced pencils instead of pens (and sharpening stations)

11. Used plates, silverware, and glassware for all meal breaks

12. Switched to vegetarian catering for tea breaks

13. Asked all exhibitors, workshop organizers, and outside functions to commit to reducing plastic waste for free giveaway products and catering.

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