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New Podcast Exploring A.I. and Business Travel

A quarterly discussion of the impact of generative A.I. on the business travel industry has just launched.

Interest in generative artificial intelligence, a.k.a. generative A.I., is on fire as new user-friendly platforms and more widespread adoption are quickly revealing its massive capabilities. That interest is spreading fast in the meetings and business-travel industries, with webinars, conference sessions, and articles looking at how the new tools could change the nature of the work.

Joining that educational chorus is a new podcast from the Global Business Travel Association. The Business of Travel, the official podcast of GBTA, launched a quarterly “sub-series” on September 29 exploring the impact of generative A.I. on the business-travel industry.

In the inaugural 39-minute episode of the GBT-A.I. series, Kevin Fliess, GBTA's chief marketing officer, and his panel—Tom Allen, CEO at AI Journal; Sam Hilgendorf, CIO at Fox World Travel; and Mat Orrego, CEO and co-founder of Cornerstone Information Systems—start with the basics, with a discussion about what generative A.I. is and how it is reshaping business generally.

Broadly, the opportunities discussed for business-travel departments are similar to some of the A.I. use-cases for meeting departments: data analysis, operational efficiencies, personalization, and customer service. And one conclusion drawn by Hilgendorf may also ring true for many meeting teams: “A.I. is not going to replace humans today; however, A.I.-augmented companies are definitely going to replace those that haven’t embraced A.I.”

To hear the full episode of A.I. and the Future of Business Travel, visit GBTA’s The Business of Travel podcast page.

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