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Planners Just Don’t Care About Cannabis Laws

Whether or not pot is legal is a big deal to only 2 percent of the planners who responded to MPI’s fall Outlook Survey, but other social issues are site selection red flags.

Looking beyond dates, rates, and space, Meeting Professionals International asked respondents to its fall 2019 Meetings Outlook Survey to comment on social and economic destination issues that make an impact on them when selecting a meeting site. The association asked about seven big-picture concerns that planners might consider as they compare destinations: gun laws, gender and racial equality, workers’ rights, commission rates, cannabis laws, treatment of immigrants, and the homeless population.

Respondents were asked how much each issue affected their site selection: “a great deal,” “a moderate amount,” “a little,” or “not at all.” Of the seven, the top concern is gender and racial equality, with 27 percent saying it affects site selection “a great deal,” and another 22 percent responding that it affects them “a moderate amount.”

Click through to our gallery to find out how your site selection concerns align with MPI’s respondents.

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