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Image Audiovisuals has a virtual platform that replicates the Colorado Convention Center.

Virtual-Event Platform Intel: 9 News Briefs

From a digitally replicated convention center to a virtual poster hall, here’s what new in the world of online event platforms.

Researching virtual-event tools can feel like a Sisyphean task. As soon as you get a handle on what’s out there, a steady stream of new platforms and new versions of known platforms roll into the market. One thing is for sure: these companies are coding like crazy, hoping to get planners’ attention with a flurry of features, reimagined user interfaces, and larger capacities.

Here are nine Q1 updates for your sourcing files on virtual-meeting platforms:

• Aventri launched a rewrite of its virtual-events platform that expands the maximum attendee capacity from 5,000 to 30,000. It also adds a networking feature that helps attendees to connect based on their interests and allows video chats between two attendees or groups of attendees. The Virtual Events 2.0 also adds closed captioning and redesigns the company’s mobile app to integrate with hybrid meetings

• Image Audiovisuals, the on-site audiovisual provider at the Colorado Convention Center, unveiled a virtual platform that replicates part of that facility for use in hybrid and virtual events. The system includes digital versions of the center’s lobby, Bellco Theater, and iconic Blue Bear, and can be customized to reflect the branding of each event.

• UgoVirtual
, an event platform for trade shows and branded events, has debuted a new platform called UgoConference for educational presentations and meetings. The cloud-based tool includes a video-meeting scheduler, mobile-app integration, and unlimited attendee capacity.

• XSplit
has a new application in beta called XSplit Presenter. The tool helps make presentations more personal by annotating slides, adding videos, and using the green-screen tool that allows the presenter to appear in front of his or her slides. XSplit Presenter works with presentation tools like PowerPoint and Google Slides and integrates with Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, and other meeting solutions.

• eventPower has upgraded its Virtual Event Experience tool to allow clients to host a virtual poster hall as part of a virtual, hybrid, or in-person event. The feature allows planners to invite poster presenters, collect poster presentations, and manage both in-person and virtual components within one portal. The virtual poster session allows for pre-recorded presentations, ePoster pdf files, live Q&A with poster presenters, public poster chat, and meeting requests.

EventsAIR OnAIR 3D.png• EventsAIR
is launching OnAIR v5, (pictured left) a hybrid-event solution and 3D experience that takes place within a virtual environment. Planners will be able to customize exhibition halls, add sponsored or branded advertisements, text chat, and more.

• London-based virtual-events platform Hopin raised $400 million in a Series C funding in March. That follows huge growth in 2020—from six to 400 employees—and a $125 million funding round last fall.

Evalato, which started as an awards-management technology solution, has unveiled a new platform for virtual trade shows. The tool is built around its matchmaking abilities and is targeted at business-to-business events, career fairs, product launches, or any event where connecting participants is a priority.

• In an effort to reduce the time and effort it takes for event hosts to create and customize a virtual event, 6Connex has added a third product to its lineup of enterprise event platforms. The new 6Connex Launch self-service virtual platform features a number of preconfigured settings, making it attractive to companies looking for fast deployment. 6Connex has rebranded its top-tier solution, designed for companies that need multiple virtual venues, as 6Connect Soar, and also has a customizable and scalable mid-tier platform called 6Connex Rise.


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