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Hubli Launches Office Connect for Internal Meetings

The small-meeting booking platform can now integrate and manage office meeting spaces.

Hubli, an online booking tool for simple meetings, offers a marketplace of both traditional meeting spaces, such as hotels, and unique venues, such as business centers, stadiums, and museums. Its latest move is a new module for the platform that allows organizations to facilitate booking of internal office meeting spaces.

That may be a welcome addition in the age of remote work. With companies now frequently asking home-based employees to travel to the office for team meetings, the Tetris game of matching small groups with available space can get tricky.

Hubli’s new Office Connect module will integrate into clients’ existing internal meeting-room reservation technology and also highlight preferred hotels located close to the office locations. 

The Hubli system currently includes 185,000 spaces for meetings around the world. It’s enterprise version allows companies to integrate booking rules and for employees to log in with existing corporate ID and password protocols.

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