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Take your next meeting from the Maldives.

Globe-Hop Your Favorite Hotels on Video Conferences

Marriott International wants you to hang out by one of its pools on your next virtual meeting.

We’ve worked our way through every Zoom background from the Death Star to the hotel from The Shining, and we’ve even tidied up our own bookshelves to use as video conference backgrounds. Where do you want to chat from next?

If you have a favorite Marriott hotel, you are in luck. The hotel chain has uploaded some high resolution views  from inside and outside its most photogenic properties that you can download for free. Choose from a cityscape through the window of a suite, snowy mountains from a ski lodge, and the obvious, but stil mouthwatering, beach and pool views.  

There are 29 images which should keep things fresh through to the end of May, then we’ll have to start thinking about inviting farm animals to our meetings

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