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Comic Relief for Your Next Videoconference

A farm animal can join your online meeting, perhaps even offering its unique viewpoint on your pressing business issues.

A California animal sanctuary has created a service that brings some levity, and possibly improved engagement, to your online video meetings. In late March, Sweet Farm in Half Moon Bay, Calif., launched its “Goat 2 Meeting” program that’s actually far more diverse than the name implies. Companies hosting a meeting on Zoom or several other video-meeting platforms can bring in a goat, llama, cow, sheep, pig, or turkey as a participant for between 10 and 25 minutes. The cost: Between $100 and $250.

According to an article on, the appearance acts not just as a laughter break but also as a brief primer on the negative impacts of industrial farming. Demand has been so brisk that Sweet Farm is enlisting other animal sanctuaries to help fulfill the appearances.




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