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Bizzabo Adds Room-Block Management to its Offerings

The New York-based meeting-management platform now makes it simpler for attendees to book rooms and for organizers to track pickup.

Bizzabo’s Event Experience Operating System has a new integration with cloud-based, room-block management platform Resiada, which allows attendees to link directly from a meeting’s registration page to a site for booking a hotel in the meeting’s room block.

This mobile-friendly system means attendees only need to enter their information once on in the registration site; after that, it flows through to the housing system.

For organizers, the integration delivers information on room pick-up to their Bizzabo dashboard, eliminating the need to jump between systems. The performance information—including the number of guest rooms booked, the number of guest rooms booked compared to the number of reservations, and the percentage of the room block filled in each contracted hotel—provides valuable attrition-management data.

“This collaboration with Resiada not only simplifies a key part of the in-person attendee’s journey but also delivers real-time insights and enhanced efficiency for our busy customers,” says Alon Alroy, CMO and co-founder of Bizzabo.

Bizzabo, founded in 2011, has seen a number of acquisitions and partnerships in the past few years. Most recently, the company worked with creative agency Smyle to launch Bizzabo Studios in September 2023. The event-services partnership offers registration setup and end-to-end event design as well as project management, creative services, strategic consultation, and content creation.

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