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Thinking Outside the Airport: Events Go Retro

Drive-in movies in Lithuania are allowing families to have a safe night out. Could planners adopt a similar strategy?

Vilnius Airport, the international airport in the capital of Lithuania, is almost completely closed to flights because of COVID-19. To help boost morale in the city, the airport management reached out to the organizers of the Vilnius International Film Festival to organize drive-in movies in the airport parking lot, beginning with the Oscar-winning movie from South Korea, "Parasite."

Families can stay safe in their own cars parked more than 6 feet apart and bring their own snacks to eat while watching movies projected on a screen erected in the parking lot. 

If families can safely gather for an event, it is not too much of a stretch to imagine the concept being adopted for meetings and events. Whether it’s having a drive-in product launch or making space for people with compromised immune systems to safely participate in an in-person outdoor event, it’s a good option to have until the there is a vaccine.

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