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A Planner Inspiration Gallery: Using Pantone's Colors of the Year

Pantone's trending colors for 2021 are unconventional for the meetings scene—but the pairing might be just the refresh your 2021 events need.

The colors of the year for 2021, recently named by visual-design specialist Pantone, give planners a lot to work with in terms of metaphor: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow create a yin-yang effect that makes sense right now, contrasting the somber atmosphere of pandemic and partisan politics with a brighter future ahead.

But as a color scheme, can gray and yellow really work for the websites, promotional pieces, banquets, and backdrops that meeting organizers create for their events? With some imagination, planners can use this unconventional but on-trend color palette to give their events an up-to-the-minute look. Check it out.

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