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Many Planners Are About to Get Even Busier

According to recent Gartner research and several productivity experts, more team get-togethers will be held at off-site venues to get the most from dispersed workforces.

As a critical mass of employees remain working from home for part or all of each week, departmental meetings are going to be held more than ever at dedicated meeting venues away from the office. According to various sources in this article, a neutral, non-hierarchical meeting space outside the corporate environment helps colleagues who don’t see each other and their managers regularly to feel relaxed, willingly contribute their perspectives and ideas, and come to trust one another. This also contributes to lower staff turnover, experts say.

Further, the article cites Elliot Sparsis, regional head of day-meeting provider Convene, who says that demand has jumped 40 percent since 2019 in the firm’s 13 New York City facilities. “We’re seeing clients that previously may have held one or two larger meetings with us per year now booking between six to 12 events annually.”

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