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Listen up! 3 New Podcasts for Meeting Pros

If there’s a topic that interests you, there’s probably a podcast about it. New shows on food, collaboration, and what needs to change in the meetings industry are ready for a listen.

Whether you’re taking more walks or working on a knitting project, this Covid winter is a nice time to find something new to listen to for education, entertainment, or sometimes a little of both. You might find what you’re looking for in few recently launched podcasts that connect with the work of meeting professionals.

• The first episode of Eventually with host Tatiana Therrien dropped on January 21 (not to be confused with EVENTually, a podcast about superhero events and games). The Montreal-based event professional plans to use the audio platform to explore changes needed in the corporate events industry. Her first 40-minute installment, The Party, dives into sexual harassment at corporate events, bringing in experts from a Quebec nonprofit focused on workplace harassment plus others help her to delve into the issue. Future podcast topics include dress codes, the lack of non-alcoholic beverages, and racism. Eventually is available through Spotify.

• Tracy Stuckrath, CSEP, CMM, CHC, president, Thrive! Meetings & Events, already has 43 episodes in her podcast Eating at a Meeting though it only began airing last August. “The mission of Eating at a Meeting is to share authentic stories that illustrate the financial, social, emotional, and mental impact that food and beverage have on individuals, organizations, and the earth,” the podcast introduction explains. Stuckrath’s insatiable appetite for all things F&B comes through in episode topics such as Gastrodiplomacy, The New Normal in Catering Design, Cocktail Safety for the Food Allergic, and Is a Zero-Food Waste Conference Possible? The show is available on all major podcast outlets.

• Late November saw the launch of Conversations About Collaboration hosted by author and speaker Phil Simon. The guests featured in each episode are wide ranging, from Infonomics author Doug Laney to Dr. Mary Donohue from The Digital Wellness Center to Chris Byers, CEO or Formstack—but all are experts on how to get people to work together effectively. The bite-size episodes, typically 20-25 minutes long, are on all major podcast outlets.



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