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MGM Cards

It’s in the Cards: Sustainable Event Ideas for Planners

MGM Resorts International provides meeting design tips in an easy-to-use format.

MGM Resorts International’s Vice President for Corporate Sustainability, Yalmaz Siddiqui, has announced that the hotel and entertainment giant has created a pack of cards with a twist: Each card contains a sustainable event design idea. Instead of hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades, the cards are divided into these four categories: Venue & space, food & beverage, décor & signage, and outreach & education.
In a video, Siddiqui says, “The genesis of this deck of cards was a realization that event planning is complicated, and so we wanted to make sustainable event planning simpler for our clients.” Siddiqui calls the cards a “proactive approach where we are offering a clear menu of ideas.”
Each of the cards offers a tip, and below that a description of how it helps, such as reduced water allocation, better materials, or attendee engagement in a sustainable activity. Each card also indicates whether the idea will cost more money, potentially less money, or no money, so it can be factored into the event budget. So, for example, requesting Rainforest Alliance or Certified Organic Tea for your attendees will add to your F&B budget, but requesting that glasses are not pre-filled with water will not.

For more information on MGM Resorts International sustainability efforts, click here, or contact your MGM sales professional for your pack of cards.

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