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Giving the Camera the Last Word

Three ways that video can send attendees home with a lasting impression.

While I generally recommend that planners look holistically at an event to see where video can play the most effective role, there's one spot where video makes sense most of the time: at the end of the event. Specifically, that general session where you bid everyone goodbye and good luck—and want to charge them up with excitement one last time, in a way that burns an overarching message into their memory.
Here are three ways that well-produced video can send attendees back to their everyday work environment with energy and excitement.
Delivering various perspectives
A well-produced video can capture the organization's story and spirit, with perspectives from various members of the team, electrifying their sales and service colleagues and making them proud of the organization they represent. Pro tip: Think about how you can tell the organization's story from all angles.
Showcasing total impact
Going beyond the organization and its specific capabilities, you can show the impact that your teams' efforts have on the world. Through a vibrant narrative, showcase how everyone's hard work has a positive impact on the regional community as well as the global community, and attendees will go out the door feeling great about what they do. Pro tip: Focus mostly on the wider story, not the organization or the brand specifically. You need to be creative in your approach in order to harness the organization’s impact.
Profiling inspiring individuals
Use the platform of the meeting to highlight team members who exemplify the mission of the organization and the work style that achieves results. Telling their stories in depth with a cinematic profile can inspire and motivate other team members. This kind of video can resonate on a deeper level than simply an on-stage appearance by the individuals, and drive home the messaging about how your organization strives to do business and make a particular impact. Pro tip: Make sure you plan far enough ahead of the meeting to produce these videos segments in the most effective style.
There’s a wide variety of approaches for capturing the essential elements of your organization and motivating your teams through video. As you look ahead to your upcoming meetings, let these ideas spur you to think creatively about how video can deliver messages in a breakthrough fashion.
Jason Cohen is president of NYC Video Pros, which delivers corporate video production and live streaming solutions to firms worldwide.

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