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If the audience gives the presenter a hand, will he or she insert an RFID chip?

Getting Under Attendees' Skin, Literally

This week's Mobile World Congress featured chip implantation on a human during a presentation.

Besides the introduction of new 5G-based services and smartphones, this week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona featured a strange but compelling session: One attendee chose to have a radio frequency identification chip implanted under the skin on his hand while on stage, to demonstrate the ease with which the chips—the size of a few grains of sand—can be inserted and removed. And when that was complete, another attendee who previously had an RFID chip implanted came on stage to demonstrate functionality by placing his smartphone against his hand to complete a payment transaction.

It seems that medical conferences no longer have a monopoly on such presentations. And perhaps your event attendees won't need badges and lanyards anymore? Unlikely, but becoming increasingly possible.


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