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Are “Smash Rooms” the Next Relaxation Option for Attendees?

Forget meditation rooms—here’s an idea that takes less time and could make you feel just as good.

Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center, home of the Flyers of the National Hockey League, has created what management calls the “Disassembly Room” for fired-up fans to use in moments of stress or frustration. Upon arriving at the room on the arena’s lower level, fans pay a small fee and put on protective gloves, a face shield, and a thick smock. Then, armed with a large mallet, they have a few minutes to smash old TV monitors, vases, dishes, and other items that are deeply satisfying to shatter into pieces. 

For convention and trade-show planners (with enough liability insurance), this idea could be morphed to work inside a convention center with items that are perhaps a bit softer or break into larger pieces—pumpkins, pinatas, and the like—while attendees’ usage fees can go to a local charity. Planners could also survey attendees who partake to see if the activity makes them feel more relaxed once they get back to business.


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