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2020 Priorities: Better Event Design, Attendee Confidence

An online educational series throughout June can help planners design more-appealing in-person experiences and persuade more people to attend.

One of the main hurdles facing event planners in the next several months is establishing confidence among potential attendees so that they choose to take part in face-to-face meetings again. To that end, Hosts Global, an alliance of destination management companies, has developed a series of online educational sessions for planners who must redesign their events for the new landscape required after the pandemic subsides.

Taking place every Thursday through June 25, each session features at least two experts in areas such as event design, food and beverage experiences, calculating risk and reward for new initiatives, maintaining attendee privacy, and maximizing event sustainability. Further, all the seminars are connected via the hashtag #meetwithconfidence to promote ongoing discussion by planners and suppliers.

“Thanks to COVID-19, the meetings and events industry is headed towards its biggest evolution yet. By this time next year, meetings and events will bear little resemblance to your last group function,” says Marty MacKay, regional president for Las Vegas-based Hosts Global. “And that could be a good thing. A great thing, in fact…Let’s participate in the right discussions to navigate what lies ahead.”

Along with links to all the online sessions, a more detailed view from MacKay on building attendee confidence can be found in this article from Special Events, which is MeetingsNet’s sister brand.

This Thursday’s session description can be found here.

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