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Where Robots Ride Camels: Dubai Offers Visitors the Best in Old and New

Dubai, the entertainment capital of the United Arab Emirates, strives to have the tallest, biggest, and most luxurious of everything.

When the United Arab Emirates recognized that using young children as jockeys for the traditional sport of camel racing made them vulnerable to trafficking and abuse, the children were replaced with remotely controlled robots. This sums up Dubai in a nutshell: Maintain traditions, but update and upgrade to the best of everything.
Diego Cortese, vice president corporate strategy at Dubai World Trade Centre, tells MeetingsNet what the city has to offer meeting and incentive planners.
Here are the top six things meeting planners should know about the most populous city in the UAE.

1.     According to the World Economic Forum, Dubai is second only to Finland as the safest destination in the world.

2.     The weather is predictable. It is too hot for outdoor events during the day, but planners can organize an evening event cooled by sea breezes and no surprise rain.

3.     Everyone speaks English. And not just English; there are only about 500,000 Emirati living in Dubai, while the other 2.5 million inhabitants come from all over the world.

4.    Like other Middle Eastern destinations, Dubai has strict standards of behavior. Like pork, alcohol is easily available in this Muslim city, but public drunkenness will land you in jail.  Emirati women wear abayas but they work, speak to men unchaperoned, and drive. Visitors are free to wear western clothing; shorts and T-shirts are fine while sightseeing but, as in all polite society, keep bikinis at the beach.  

5.     Transport is easy. Traffic flows on the right, taxis are plentiful, and the city has a metro system and a monorail out to the artificial islands in the Arabian Gulf. 

6.     Dubai is on a building spree as it prepares to host the World’s Fair in 2020. If you can’t find the venue you want, wait six months and you will. Until then, the city has 1.5 million square feet of convention space and nearly 140,000 hotel rooms.

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