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Malibu Hilltop_Open Venues_1.jpg
Tables set for dinner on a Malibu hilltop, a property included in Open Venues

A New Booking Platform Has 25 Venues You’ve Probably Never Considered

A selection of open-air and historic venues in Arizona, California, Utah, and Nevada can only be booked through the new Open Venues site.

Cloth & Flame, a Phoenix-based experiential-event company, launched a venue-booking platform on November 27 focused on historic and outdoor spaces.

The site, called Open Venues, currently has just 25 locations across Arizona, California, Utah, and Nevada. However, they are likely to be venues that most meeting professionals haven’t considered in the past. The company says that the spaces can only be booked on the platform and many of them are being made available for events for the first time.

For planners looking for a nontraditional setting, the Open Venue spaces might be a fit for corporate events, incentive programs, or brand activations. Many of the locations are open air, from a Malibu, Calif., mountaintop with 360-degree vistas, including views of the Pacific coast; to a waterside property in Sedona, Ariz.’s Creekside Canyon; to a space among unique red rock formations for up to 250 people at the Reserve at Red Rock, 30 minutes north of Las Vegas.

The Open Venues website can be searched by state, group size, or location category (historic, coastal, indoor, desert, etc.) The locations can be rented “venue only,” or with logistical, production, or culinary help from Cloth & Flame.

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