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Unbridled Solutions: 2023 CMI 25   

The CMI 25, MeetingsNet’s list of the top independent meeting planning companies, is a resource for organizations looking for an experienced partner for conferences, incentives, trainings, and other corporate meetings.

Unbridled Solutions   

Denver, Colo.

2022 Volume

In-person corporate meetings: 446
# with a hybrid component: 105
Stand-alone virtual events: 88
Incentive travel programs: 68
Room-nights booked for meetings and incentives: 36,700

The Latest

In July 2022, Unbridled acquired a controlling interest in Giftd, a company focused on gift merchandise and promotional items for events. Unbridled’s other sister organizations include Unbridled Media, Unbridled Travel, and Unbridled Productions.
Unbridled has expanded its office in St. Louis, with meeting planners and the event-tech team sharing a space alongside sister company Unbridled Media. This expansion, the company says, bolsters its ability to attract and nurture talent in the region. The company has grown from 147 full-time employees in mid-2022 to 187 in mid-2023.
The company saw a resurgence of interest in face-to-face meetings over the past year,  prompting the establishment of a dedicated strategy team that works with clients to ensure company services will continue evolving and delivering value.
While pharmaceutical, healthcare, and food & beverage/restaurant services companies comprise the largest share of Unbridled’s client base, the company reports an increasing number of tech companies reaching out for proposals for user-group meetings and other events.


Bullis_Stan SQAURE 648 x 648.jpg

Stan Bullis, President & Partner, Scott Lucius, Chief Operations Officer & Partner
Tim Woodring, Chief Solutions Officer & Partner

More Stats

Full-time employees in North America dedicated to meetings and incentives: 187
Meetings and incentive travel programs held outside the U.S.: 15%
Revenue from planning and executing meetings and incentives: 70%
Revenue from planning virtual meetings: 10%

The biggest change we’re experiencing in meeting and event planning is …

“having to do more with less. Today, clients want the hottest event innovations, such as experiential activations and sophisticated stage design. However, the cost of these high-touch features often require organizations to pick and choose which services are most critical. That’s why we encourage creating a strong event-strategy framework that ensures budgets and goals are met, all while being engaging and transformational for attendees.”

—Tim Woodring, Chief Solutions Officer & Partner


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