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Unbridled: 2021 CMI 25

Denver, Colo. 


Company News  

• Unbridled developed an all-in-one event platform for virtual and hybrid events.

• Last year, the compay opened an event hall capable of producing live or pre-recorded content for virtual events. 

• In December 2021, Unbridled expanded its office space in Boston, serving pharmaceutical clients in the Northeast. 

• During the pandemic, Unbridled added over 25 new clients.


Stan Bullis, Founder & President

Scott Lucius, Chief Commercial Officer

Tim Woodring, Chief Solutions Officer

Beyond What Was Comfortable 

“The pandemic year taught us the importance of being a purpose-driven company. Our purpose is ‘to connect companies with their people,’ and during the pandemic, there was an acute and immediate need to endeavor toward that end through altogether new means. It meant we had to go beyond what was comfortable and change the nature of our services—rapidly upskilling and developing a virtual-event platform. It showed us that who we are vastly outweighs what we do. It showed us that corporate events, no matter the form, are mission-critical to human flourishing, especially in a rapidly changing world.” — Tim Woodring, Chief Solutions Officer

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