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One10: 2021 CMI 25


Minneapolis, Minn. 


Company News  

• One10 served as the Research Advocacy Partner for a recent study conducted by the Incentive Research Foundation, “Event Alternatives and their Impact on Culture,” which confirmed the benefits of event alterna-tives deployed during the pandemic while strongly reinforcing the value of in-person meetings and events. 

• The company continues to serve as a member of the Meetings Mean Business Board of Directors.

• Heidi Dillon, manager—event operations at One10, has been named to the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence International Board of Directors as a Young Leader Representative.

• One10 assisted clients with dozens of virtual events over the past year but is reporting that nearly all its clients are returning to in-person meetings, conferences, and incentives in late 2021 and early 2022.


One10_Bob Miller.jpg

Bob Miller, President and CEO 

Barbara Ward, Vice President, Travel and Events

Joanie Phillips, Director, Purchasing & Design

Lessons Learned

“We celebrate the return of in-person meetings and events—and continue to believe that nothing beats them in terms of fully engaging people. However, through the wide range of virtual experiences we have designed and delivered, we have come to understand the benefits of that format. In turn, we have an even deeper understanding of how to make the most of being together, face-to-face. As a result, we are able to design in-person experiences to be even more memorable and productive than ever before, ensuring we are helping clients utilize that ‘time together’ for the greatest return on investment.” —Barbara Ward, Vice President, Travel and Events

Relationships Matter

“We have always valued the relationships we have built throughout the travel and events industry. But over this past year, we developed an even deeper appreciation for what this network offers in terms of stability and growth. Thanks to our partners around the world, we were better able to stay up to date on the impact of the pandemic and, over time, learn how best to return to in-person meetings and events, safely and confidently. Talk about essential! We are proud to be designing and delivering outstanding in-person experiences again. And we know this network of professionals is key to our success.” —Bob Miller, President and CEO


Kudos to Our Up-and-Comer   >  Jill Leibowitz, Director Production and Content Strategy   One10 was pleased to have Leibowitz join the team to strengthen our design, creative, and production capabilities. She brings 17 years of experience in production, storytelling, and project management. Throughout her career, she has worked with major TV networks and outlets—often procuring well-known talent and influencers to enrich the experience. In just a few months, she has proven her ability to bring our clients’ objectives to life through virtual meetings, hybrid incentive programs, and specially curated digital experiences.



Event Measurement White Paper  


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