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Meetings & Incentives Worldwide, Inc.: 2021 CMI 25


Caledonia, Wis. 

Meetings & Incentives Worldwide, Inc.

Company News  

• Meetings & Incentives Worldwide added a marketing and creative division, called FLOW, and expanded its consulting division, the Intent Strategy Group, helping to lead customers through the major disruption and chaos of 2020. The company also diversified service offerings and brought on new customers through the pandemic.

• A key to its success, the company says, was already having a remote workforce in place, with the technology to support collaboration among the team and with customers.

• The three key industries for M&IW are insurance/financial services, pharmaceutical, and healthcare/medical.



Jean Johnson, CMP, Co-CEO & Chief People Officer 

Tina Madden, CPA, Co-CEO & Chief Customer Officer

Dan Tarpey, Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Shifting World Stage

“Our research shows companies are rethinking their meeting and event strategy due to the changing landscape. They are facing challenges securing M&E budgets when cost-reduction pressures run counter to compressed inventory, supply-chain, and inflationary concerns. They are dealing with heightened C-suite scrutiny regarding which events stay virtual, which are in-person, and when to stretch budgets to provide hybrid events. They are looking at ways to achieve pre-pandemic service levels when hotels, airlines, agencies, and the hospitality industry at large all have been highly impacted by staffing disruptions. We are helping clients to revisit and redefine global policy and guidelines, operations, and strategies on an ever-shifting (pandemic and geopolitical) world stage.” — Lisa Palmeri, Principal Consultant, Intent Strategy Group, a division of M&IW

Rebuild with Impact

“The pandemic year taught us to critically question everything. We are rethinking staffing models, the way we deliver services and consult clients, supplier partnerships, and our event strategies to elevate the experience (in-person, virtual, and hybrid) and drive engagement (and not just in events). The industry needs to rebuild with impact and value in mind, and not just go back to ‘normal.’” — Tina Madden, Co-CEO and Chief Customer Officer


Kudos to Our Virtual Superstar  >  Missy Peterson, Event Technology & Strategy  Peterson is an integral part of the event technology and production team that swiftly vetted new technology solutions, tested functionality, scoped out new opportunities, and consulted with customers on event-tech strategy. She also spearheaded new training initiatives to ramp up the M&IW team’s tech expertise more broadly.





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