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Meeting Expectations: 2021 CMI 25


Atlanta, Ga. 

Meeting Expectations

Company News  

• In 2020, Meeting Expectations added 20 new clients, including Frito-Lay, Revance Aesthetics, Abrigo, The Woodhouse Spa, CarePatrol, and Kustomer. 

• With the rollout of a virtual events offering, the company hosted more than 50 digital meetings, conferences, and events during the pandemic.

• The top markets for Meeting Expectations are healthcare and insurance/financial-services companies.



Lisa Burton, CMP, Senior Vice President

Lauren Andrews, Vice President

Christine Hilgert, CMP, Senior Vice President

Core Strengths

“Even as the pandemic upended our industry, our company was fortunate to come out of it, in many ways, stronger. We capitalized on two of our core strengths, agility and ingenuity, to quickly roll out a robust virtual events offering that went far beyond standard videoconferencing.  We mastered the ‘pivot,’ demonstrating that virtual events require more than technology. In keeping with our high-touch, custom-designed approach, we were prepared with the expertise to successfully deliver more than 50 online meetings and conferences—and deliver ROI to our clients.” —Lisa Burton, CMP, Senior Vice President

Digital Innovation

“We spent so much of 2020 and early 2021 really re-imagining the world of virtual events. Now, as planners make the welcome transition back to face-to-face events, we shouldn’t lose sight of the innovation we brought into the virtual space to be able to deliver success for our clients. For instance, online and digitally enabled attendee-engagement tools really elevated the experience. As people return to an in-person environment, we need to apply the same innovation to live engagement experiences. This is one of the reasons we’re so focused on game-based learning to enhance meetings and events moving forward.” —Christine Hilgert, CMP, Senior Vice President


Kudos to Our Virtual Superstar    >  Mahesh Rathi, Vice President, Technology  Rathi was already key to our success with in-person meeting management technology solutions and applications, including designing expoGO!, our custom print-on-demand solution. With the pandemic, he singlehandedly identified, sourced, and built the key technology partnerships that quickly enhanced our ability to migrate more than 50 meetings into a virtual environment. His approach has always started with understanding the “why” behind the client project and finding the best solution to deliver against the goals.




Case Studies

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