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McVeigh Global Meetings and Events: 2021 CMI 25


Amityville, N.Y. 

McVeigh Global Meetings and Events

Company News  

• MGME expanded its life-science services and created a Life Science Resource Library to help clients and planners stay up to date on compliance and industry news. 

• Company COO Carvie Gillikin was recognized with the Hall of Fame Award at the 9th Annual Genie Awards hosted by Meeting Professionals International’s Greater New York chapter.  The company expanded its virtual and hybrid event capabilities, now offering virtual webinars and conferences, 2D and 3D environments, and a variety of engagement activities.

• Proposal Development Director Cheyenne Nelson earned a spot on Connect’s 40 Under 40 list.



Jeff Guberman, CEO 

Carvie Gillikin, COO

Jennifer Filippone, Chief Financial Officer

Lessons Learned

“The pandemic year taught us that a strong team is the most important part of any company, especially one whose products are based on creating human connections around the world. A diverse, motivated, dedicated team who care about each other can accomplish anything if they truly work together. Our team has proven that beyond a doubt over this past year. We are so excited to see what they can accomplish in an environment that supports both virtual and live events!” —Jeff Guberman, CEO

Meaningful Meetings

“Whether virtual or in-person, creating meaningful meetings is the foundation of our industry. MGME’s tag line is “Creating Human Connections” because we believe that when you bring people together, in the right environment, with a common goal, great things can happen.  Whether it is a national sales meeting, product launch, leadership conference, or an ad board, attendee engagement is paramount to success. Designs must be purposeful, thoughtful, and well planned to keep focus and deliver business goals.” —Carvie Gillikin, COO


Kudos to Our Up-and-Comer   >  Taylor Pagitt, Director of Production   Since joining MGME’s newly formed Creative Services team in January 2021, Pagitt has been a strategic player in crafting a department that quickly became a force. Leveraging his creative production chops, his team has taken a holistic approach to the attendee journey that resonates deeply with clients and attendees. Under Pagitt’s leadership, production elements are deployed to create connections and further objectives with an eye toward seamless execution.




Virtual Training and Product Launch


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