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ITA Group, Inc.: 2021 CMI 25


West Des Moines, Iowa 

ITA Group, Inc.

Company News  

• ITA Group has three sister companies: Hartmann Studios (acquired in 2018), Chadwick Martin Bailey (acquired in 2017), and International Travel Associates, the travel management company from which ITA Group evolved.

• Early this year, ITA Group incorporated ITA Group Europe, based in Belgium, as the newest member of the ITA Group family of companies. It also formed a strategic affiliation with Motisha, to offer more culturally relevant and locally managed engagement solutions.

• In summer 2020, the company partnered with Marriott and Eurofins, a leader in environmental health testing, to offer health-risk mitigation services for in-person events in the U.S. 

• Communications Solutions Group, ITA Group’s internal creative agency, earned 21 MarCom Awards in 2020, bringing its total to 155 MarCom awards in eight years. 

• ITA Group was recognized as one of the 2021 Best Workplaces in Consulting and Professional Services by Fortune magazine and Great Place to Work.

• Sarah Haines, ITA Group’s vice president, event management, serves on the Incentive Research Foundation Board of Trustees.

• Hartmann Studios earned Bronze at the 2020 Stevie Awards; 2020 Best PR Event by Ragan’s PR Daily; 2020 Best Live & Virtual Association Event and 2020 People’s Choice Award, Best Association Event by BizBash Event Style; and 2020 Best Launch by Webby Awards. 


Sarah Haines.jpg

Sarah Haines, Vice President, Event Management, ITA Group

Adam Feilmeier, President, Hartmann Studios

Brent Vander Waal, President and CEO, ITA Group 

Prioritize Data

“Leveraging the power of data is key right now. Attendees are being more thoughtful of their time, so organizations have to be creative in how they motivate and engage them, and provide value throughout the entire experience. Going beyond the traditional pre-event survey and digging into event data from multiple sources like registration, apps, event marketing campaigns, CRMs, and more will be critical moving forward. Using that data to adjust session types, segment communications, create attendee tracks, and more ensures attendees have a personalized experience and event owners achieve a positive ROI.” —Sarah Haines, Vice President, Event Management, ITA Group

Authentic Interaction

“Bringing people together for education, entertainment, and inspiration is what gives our work meaning, and the level of engagement we’ve seen through digital production is incredible. Audiences respond to authentic storytelling and personalized experiences, regardless of format. I fully expect broadcast-quality experiences to be mainstays in our industry long after Covid-19 subsides. But for my money, nothing beats human-to-human interaction. Bringing those two worlds together in the years ahead is going to be a blast.” —Adam Feilmeier, President, Hartmann Studios


Kudos to Our Virtual Superstar  >  Cliff Israel, Broadcast Producer  We thrived during the pandemic by staying curious, nimble, and fearless, and few embody that spirit better than Israel. Time and again, he has charged straight at the biggest obstacle, learned new tools on the fly, and adapted our solutions to meet the unique demands of a diverse group of clients.


Event Insights

Incentive Travel Insights 

Virtual Event Collection

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