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Fox World Travel: 2021 CMI 25

Oshkosh, Wis.

Fox World Travel 

Company News  

• Fox World Travel implemented 38 new corporate accounts and 10 new corporate/meeting accounts in 2020. The company expanded its virtual and hybrid meeting offerings.

• Tifani Jones, director of development & sales operations at Fox World Travel, has taken Fox Meetings and Incentives sales under her leadership. 

• Beth Marino, chief experience officer at Fox World Travel, was named to the Global Business Travel Association’s Top 50 Women in Travel by WINiT.


Chip Juedes, CEO

Beth Marino, Chief Experience Officer

Employee Focus 

“The pandemic year reaffirmed how important our Fox Family associate-first approach has been to our success as an organization. Open and transparent communication on a weekly basis has allowed Fox associates to understand the ‘why’ behind the decisions made throughout the last year and a half. Throughout Fox, the ability to support our customers is defined by the engagement of our associates, which is why we always have and will continue to make it our primary focus.” – Chip Juedes, CEO 

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