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Enterprise Events Group: 2021 CMI 25

San Rafael, Calif.

Enterprise Events Group

Company News  

• EEG evolved its proprietary platform, Event360, into a comprehensive virtual event solution with a robust reporting system. 

• The EEG team executed a wide range of digital events in 2020, including user conferences, sales kickoffs, roadshows, galas, customer events, and more.

• EEG partnered with 11 new customers in 2020. 

• The company’s primary meeting markets are pharmaceutical and computer/electronics.


Matt Gillam, Co-founder 

Rich Calcaterra, Co-founder 

Allison Biel, General Manager

A Holistic Approach 

“Whether digital, hybrid, or in-person, creating meaningful meetings means first understanding how we are going to create an experience that’s equally impactful for all audiences. The pandemic has taught us to approach events more holistically; we don’t view them simply as one-off experiences, but rather as an ongoing campaign, continuously evolving by using repurposed content to engage prospects and customers all year round.” — Matt Gillam, Co-founder 

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