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ConferenceDirect LLC: 2021 CMI 25

Folsom, Calif.

ConferenceDirect LLC

Company News  

• ConferenceDirect launched two new services over the past year: marketing support for meetings and events and a health and safety consultancy.

• In partnership with Knowland, ConferenceDirect conducted a “State of the Meeting Industry” survey late last year looking at event managers’ perspectives on recovery.

• ConferenceDirect’s primary markets are healthcare and engineering.


Brian Stevens, CEO

Jerry Horan, President/COO

Larry Hanson, CMO

No Wasted Time 

“At ConferenceDirect, the pandemic taught us that now is a time to be nimble and creative.  We took the time to launch new services.  We also focused on training our team.  It was a challenging year, but these steps are helping to pave our way back to success.” — Larry Hanson, CMO

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