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Minneapolis, Minn.


Company News  

• Throughout the pandemic, BIW offered reimagined solutions to new and existing customers, growing its business and maintaining all offices. The company notes that its 30 years of experience offering individual incentive travel, its in-house production agency, and other engagement solutions meant it didn’t have to create new offerings. 

• The company’s shift back to live events in April 2021 included managing an 800-person program with heightened duty-of-care protocols. 

• With the retirement of Paul Bergeron after 39 years, David Litteken is now leading BIW Event Solutions. Litteken previously served the company as an Asia-based managing director for the Asia-Pacific region.


Larry Schoenecker, CEO

David Litteken, Senior Vice President, Event Solutions

Patty Karsten, Vice President, Industry Relations, Event Solutions

Expanded Tool Set 

“The pandemic taught us to be both resilient and tenacious. Our portfolio moved almost exclusively to digital and virtual formats and our teams skilled up to deliver. Virtual and hybrid will continue to be relevant, even as live events in the U.S. are coming back. My observation is that we have an expanded set of tools to offer to our clients and we can match the tool that delivers the best return for our clients.” — David Litteken, Senior Vice President, Event Solutions

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