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CMI 25

ALTOUR International Inc.: 2021 CMI 25

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New York, N.Y. 

ALTOUR International Inc.

Company News  

• ALTOUR launched a Health & Safety Hotline for its Meetings & Incentives programs. The hotline gives clients access to top experts in security, risk management, and health and safety, with round-the-clock worldwide support to meeting travelers, business travelers, and ALTOUR corporate travel customers.

• ALTOUR expanded its in-house meetings technology team, broadening its service offerings to include virtual meetings, virtual tradeshows, hybrid events, and an expanded menu of tech services for registration, mobile apps, and production. 

• The company launched the first issue of the ALTOUR Magazine, offering information on a variety
of destinations.



Mary Sue Leathers, President, Meetings & Incentives

Alexandre Chemla, President & CEO 

Lee Thomas, Chief Operating Officer 

A Stronger Team

“We are all in this together!  It did not matter what industry you were in, or what priorities you had. When the pandemic hit, it affected everyone.  We reacted quickly, pivoting our technology team to developing virtual solutions.  From small to large events and trade shows, ALTOUR became a major player in providing an end-to-end, high-touch virtual product. We learned the importance of cross-training our internal staff, and we reinforced what it means to be part of the ALTOUR family; everyone was there to support each other!  2020 brought us closer as a team and expanded our service offerings, and we continued to gain customers’ respect for being innovative and ready to respond to anything.”—Mary Sue Leathers, President, Meetings & Incentives

Risk Management

“Risk management has changed for good. Never have companies mitigated their employees’ risk at the levels brought on by Covid; this will not regress and, in many ways, will continue to expand. With heightened awareness of Covid and all infectious diseases, companies are monitoring the safety of their employees, especially those in motion (travel, expat, meetings, and events).  Because of the concentration of risk with a meeting or event, companies are putting in place extraordinary measures to ensure employees can travel safely and confidently.” —John Rose, Chief Risk Officer, ALTOUR


Kudos to Our Virtual Superstar  >  Ashley Blocton, Technology Engagement Specialist  At a pivotal time for the events industry, Blocton welcomed the challenge of transforming event technology into something more meaningful than ever before. With outstanding dedication and passion, she led the initiative at ALTOUR to create engaging, value-driven virtual experiences that exceeded our client’s expectations time and time again.  Blocton is a true leader in the industry and is bringing event technology to new heights.





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