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4 Buzzwords Meeting Managers Won't Be Able to Escape in 2017

This is the second in a two-part guest-post series by Lynda Baum, Founder & President, Exclusive Destinations.

I recently posted about the trends I’m seeing on the upswing for the remainder of 2017. Now let’s talk buzzwords! If you haven't been hearing these enough already, be prepared—these four buzzwords are going to be everywhere this year.

1. Collaboration
Strength comes in numbers—pool your resources and networks from across the industry and work towards a common goal.

2. Connection
The meeting or event has a purpose and should have a connection to the host company, its vision, and its culture.

3. Inclusion
Ensuring the needs of all demographics in attendance are managed is vital today. This means millennials, baby boomers, men, women, senior-level, entry-level, all races and ethnicities, professional and socioeconomic backgrounds, etc.

4. Sharing Economy
It also goes by many other names—the sharing economy is nothing new—but the professional world is now embracing a community built around the peer-to-peer resource sharing for a price. Be prepared to rideshare from your favorite airport and work with more freelancers and remote employees in multiple time zones!

What other buzzwords and catch phrases do you expect to be trending in 2017?

Lynda Baum is founder and president of Exclusive Destinations. The 20-year-old organization is a consortium of elite destination management companies that share a philosophy to provide the utmost in customer service while creating meaningful experiences worldwide. She also works closely with global destination partners and tourist organizations to enhance their marketing and sales activities in North America, and is the creative force behind several signature CSR events, including a partnership with The Andre Agassi Preparatory Academy in Las Vegas during IMEX America.

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