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Speaker Spotlight: Jay Klein

The CEO of M-Plus Global Events joins the educational lineup for the Catersource + The Special Event show in March, where he’ll discuss a topic that many planners might not enjoy but need to know: negotiating AV and internet services.

You know the saying: “Everything’s negotiable.” But that give and take doesn’t work in meeting professionals’ favor when they’re unclear on the ground rules. And that’s often the case when it comes time to nail down the contract terms for audiovisual and internet services.

While the negotiables for rates, dates, and space are evident to an experienced planner, the negotiables for AV and internet can be opaque: What does the meeting actually need? What are the parameters for in-house and outsourced vendors? What concessions are even possible?

At the Catersource + The Special Event show in Orlando in March, Jay Klein, CEO, M-Plus Global Events, will lead an educational session to work through those issues and answer your questions. He brings 25 years of experience in meeting and incentive planning to the table along with a background that includes an MBA from the Wharton School of Business and work as a consultant with McKinsey & Company.

Klein’s session, “Negotiating Internet and AV Services: A Primer for Meeting Professionals,” will take place Tuesday, March 28, during the March 27-30 show at the Orange County Convention Center. He’ll also join an interactive risk-management panel that same day, where three experienced meeting pros will dive into some of their most challenging on-site moments, crowdsource possible solutions, and discuss the decisions they made.

View the full education agenda for Catersource + The Special Event here and learn more about the speakers, trade show, and evening events happening throughout the conference.


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