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Taylor Smith, VP, Executive Creative Director.jpg
Taylor Smith, vice president and creative director, BCD Meetings & Events

Action! BCD Meetings & Events Launches Films Division

The Chicago-based meetings-management giant has formalized its video production and filmmaking service as a specialized offering called Films.

BCD Meetings & Events has launched a video production and filmmaking division called Films. The specialized service, operating under the company’s production and content team in North America, expands on the in-house capabilities already in place to create brand documentaries, product demos, commercials, and other video content.

“Over the past few years, we have seen the demand for more intentional and meaningful storytelling grow exponentially, and this offering is tailored specifically to meet those needs,” says Taylor Smith, the BCD M&E vice president and creative director leading Films. “Whether it’s a brand taking a stance on important issues or a company needing to convey a meaningful message to their employees, these types of stories require a different kind of planning and collaboration in order to make them authentic, inclusive, and intentional.”

The Films teams currently includes 27 full-time employees. “From directors of photography and editors to motion graphics [specialists] and creative directors, we come from a wide variety of backgrounds that span TV, film, and advertising,” says Smith.

“Do we shoot commercial product launches that launch on a global scale for our marketing clients? Absolutely,” says Smith. “But we also find that more and more of our event clients are looking to match that vision and energy in their own ecosystems. There’s nothing quite like watching an emotional and inspiring patient story play on screen before bringing up the patient and doctor on stage at a [medical] sales meeting, and it’s moments like those that we’re replicating across all product verticals and lines of business.”

Bruce Morgan, who was elevated to global president at BCD M&E last fall, commented on the new offering: “Films showcases our agility to explore new ideas, respond to client demand, and expand the full suite of services our agency offers.”

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