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Super Bowl Thinkstock by Getty Images

If the Super Bowl Can Go Zero-Waste, So Can Your Event

Sure, your meeting generates a lot of trash—but likely not 40 tons of it.

If the organizers have their way, that 40 tons of beer cups, burger wrappers, and nacho trays getting tossed at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis during Super Bowl LII will not end up in a landfill. According to an article in Fast Company, the NFL, the stadium, the Minnesota Sports Authority, sponsor PepsiCo, and the familiar-to-meeting-planners food-service company Aramark, are teaming up to recycle or compost about 90 percent of all that garbage, and dispose of the remaining non-recyclables in a local waste-to-energy incinerator.

It may take a village—in the form of some 200 local students hired by sponsors to stand by bins and explain what goes where and why—but they seem pretty confident that the Rush2Recycle project will be up for the trashy task. 

So, if the Super Bowl can go green, your meeting certainly can! We have lots of tips on how in our Sustainability section, from Top 10 Tips for Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Your Events to these sweet food-waste-reduction ideas.

What’s your favorite meeting waste-reduction tip?

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